Airport News – Weekending 22nd June

Airport News week Ending 22nd June


From the 23rd of June Manchester airport will be working with, The Teenage Cancer Trust in raising awareness of sun damage and how to prevent it. The Teenager Cancer Trust and Manchester Dermatology Centre will be in terminal one from the 23rd until the 29th of June, Passengers will have the chance to seek advice from scientists of The University of Manchester’s Dermatology Research Centre. Passengers will be able to get free samples of SPF sun cream that offers the best protection for their skin tone.

Shunburn is an annual event held by The Teenage Cancer Trust aimed at 13-24 year olds with the aim of educating on the damage sun burn can do to the skin and steps that can be taken to prevent UV skin damage, Skin cancer is the fastest growing form of cancer in the UK with approximately £13’000 cases diagnosed each year in the 15-24 age range.

Past Teenage Cancer Trust Shunburn surveys has uncovered some worrying trends amongst young Brits including:

  1. 58% do not know how to apply sun cream correctly
  2. 15% incorrectly believe that using sunbeds to build up a ‘base tan’ before  going on holiday, prevents burning whilst away
  3. 11% incorrectly believe that sun beds are safe if only used once a week


Tricia Williams, Customer Service Director at Manchester Airport said: “The wellbeing of all of our passengers is paramount, so we are delighted to be able to offer this initiative this summer, which is the ideal time to educate school leavers jetting off on their first holiday with friends. As well as raising awareness of a sensitive and worthwhile issue, it will hopefully educate people and ensure passengers have the adequate protection from the sun. We wish Teenage Cancer Trust the best of luck with the campaign and look forward to hearing feedback from passengers.” Professor Chris Griffiths, Director of the Dermatology Research Centre at The University of Manchester and Consultant Dermatologist at Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust, said “Most skin cancers can be cured if detected early. One of the main causes of skin cancer is sunburn. Preventing this will go a long way to reducing the risk of skin cancer and of developing wrinkles and other signs of premature ageing. The best way to detect skin cancer is to check your skin regularly, from top to toe. You should tell your doctor immediately about any changes to a mole.

“However, it is still possible to enjoy the sunshine this summer by taking a few important steps to protect the skin, such as using a high SPF sunscreen with the UVA circle sunscreen daily.”

The week-long trial is hoping to raise awareness amongst a proportion of the 21m passengers that use Manchester, the UK’s third busiest airport each year. If successful it will potentially be rolled out for longer and also trialled at MAG’s other airports, which include London Stansted, East Midlands and Bournemouth Airport. Teenage Cancer Trust also supports secondary schools, colleges and universities across the UK by delivering free sun safety sessions. A sun safety teaching pack can also be downloaded for schools to use for free at Teenage Cancer Trust also offers a free burn alert text message service which reminds young people to stay safe in the sun during the hottest days of the year. To sign-up text BURN2 to 70300.

For more information see or visit


Birmingham Airport CEO has today welcomed trade and visa requirements talks between PM David Cameroon and Chinese Premier Li Keqiang

Paul Kehoe, Chief Executive Officer of Birmingham Airport, said:

“As the only region in the UK to have a positive balance of trade with China we know how essential these talks are. Businesses in the Midlands are telling us they want to fly direct to China which is why we have extended our runway for longer haul destinations and, on 22 July, are delighted to be playing host to the first Beijing flights to a UK airport outside of London.”

The Prime minister Visted Birmingham airport earlier this year to mark the completion of the runway extension allowing the airport to service direct flights to further afield destinations such as China, West Coast USA and Brazil, with the runway being just a small part of the 200 Million pound airport long term investment plans.

This comes at the same time as Birmingham Airport has hits another landmark, 200 million passengers have now passed through Birmingham airport since its opening 75 years ago

Opened by HRH the Duchess of Kent on the 8th July 1939, the airport was closed to civil aviations just two months later as the Second World War began not returning for another 7 years to civil aviation.

HRH Duchess of Kent opening birmingham airport 8th July 1939

HRH Duchess of Kent opening birmingham airport 8th July 1939

Originally operating out its Elmdon Terminal until rapid air traffic growth of the 70’s and early 80’s meant that a new terminal was required. The Euro Hub was officially opened by HRH the queen on the 30th May 1984 now twice the size this building remains the base of operations for Birmingham airport handling 9 million passengers per year.

Commenting on the milestone and the launch of a commemorative logo to use throughout the year, Paul Kehoe, Chief Executive of the Airport, said:

“Birmingham Airport has played an important role in the success of the region for 75 years. It was built with the aim of creating jobs and stimulating industry; and that it has certainly done.

“Back in the early years, only the privileged could enjoy the luxury of flying but as it became more accessible to the masses, more and more people took to the skies from Birmingham to experience the wonder of air travel and seek new adventures overseas.

“Today, Birmingham Airport continues to bring people together, delivers goods to global destinations and connects industry with opportunities around the world – reliably, safely and speedily.”

This spring, the airport opened its extended runway which allows airlines to fly further than ever before from Birmingham, including the Far East, The Americas and South Africa. The last time the runway was extended was back in 1966 by 300ft, which attracted new tour operators using jet flights allowing Birmingham Airport to thrive.

Other key milestones over the last 75 years have included:

1949– The first post war scheduled service took off from Birmingham to Paris, operated by a BEA Dakota. 1989– 3.5 million passengers travelled through the new airport.
1955 – a record 110,000 passengers used the airport during this year. 1991 – British Airways’ Eurohub opened.
1959 – 800ft runway extension opened and name changed from Elmdon to Birmingham Airport. 1998 – President Clinton and other world leaders land at Birmingham Airport for the G8 Summit.
1960 – new ‘International Building’ opened at Elmdon to cope with increased passenger numbers. 2000 – HRH The Queen opens the new Millennium Link terminal extension.
1966 – a further 300ft extension to the runway was built. 2002– Passenger numbers reach 8m.
1978– The magic one million passenger mark was reached. 2003 – The new Air Rail link people mover system opens, connecting the airport with Birmingham International rail station.
1980– Concorde flew from Birmingham for the first time, to Paris. 2009 – New £45m International Pier opened.
1984 – New airport opened by HRH The Queen and operations moved to the new site. 2014 – 400m runway extension operational.

The commemorative logo is in-keeping with the airport’s corporate brand and symbolises the 75 years, from 1939 to 2014, using aircraft icons to signify global flight. It will be used throughout the year by the airport.




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