Cabin Bag Sizes

Cabin Bag Sizes

To help you select the correct size cabin bag and to save you some money on hold baggage we have listed below some airline cabin bag dimensions and weight restrictions, Also our sponsor Style Shop 24 have suggested some of their range that each airline will accommodate in their hold luggage.

Airline Height Depth Width Weight
Easy Jet 50cm(19.7in) 40cm(15.7in) 20cm(7.9in) 32kg
Emirates 55cm(21.5in) 38cm(15in) 20cm(7.9in) 30kg
British airways 56cm(22in) 45cm(18in) 25cm(10in) 23kg
Monarch 56cm(22in) 40cm(15.7in) 25cm(10in) 20kg
Aer   Lingus 55cm(21.5in) 40cm(15.7in) 24cm(9.5in) 10kg
Ryanair 55cm(21.5in) 40cm(15.7in) 20cm(7.9in) 10kg
Air   France 55cm(21.5in) 35cm(13.8in) 25cm(10in) 12kg
American   Airlines 56cm(22in) 36cm(14.2in) 23cm(9.1) Not Stated
Delta Airlines 56cm(22in) 35cm(13.8in) 23cm(9.1) Not Stated
Etihad   Airways 50cm(19.7in) 40cm(15.7in) 21cm(8.3in) 7kg
Finnair 56cm(22in) 45cm(18in) 25cm(10in) 8kg
Iberia 56cm(22in) 45cm(18in) 25cm(10in) Not Stated
Jet airways 55cm(21.5in) 35cm(13.8in) 25cm(10in) 10kg
KLM 55cm(21.5in) 35cm(13.8in) 25cm(10in) 12kg
Lufthansa 55cm(21.5in) 40cm(15.7in) 23cm(9.1) 8kg
Quantas 56cm(22in) 36cm(14.2in) 23cm(9.1) 7kg
Virgin   Atlantic 56cm(22in) 36cm(14.2in) 23cm(9.1) 10kg

Whilst all attempts has been made to ensure the above sizes and weights are accurate please check the relevant carriers website before travel links are provided above to each airline.

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