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London Review

London is at the heart of England, the capital city of the United Kingdom. When people journey to the UK it’s the place where everyone wants to be as it has all the history of this fine nation. Getting to London Many comparison websites can be used for booking flights to London. I chose to […]

London Skyline

Hong Kong of a night

Hong Kong

  Hong Kong was known once for being Home to variants of people such as farmers and fisherman but is now known for its Chinese and Western influences. H.K being the initials of Hong Kong is a special administrative region of China it is by China’s South Coast, the Pearl River Delta and South China […]

Schladming – Spring Ski

The former mining town of Schladming is world renowned for its winter sports and offers 111Km of Piste. In 2013 Schladming hosted the world ski championship, but it’s not just the winter months that schladming is a popular outdoor activity retreat. The summer also offers superb climbing, hiking and cycling. Schledming is located in the Austrian […]


Segunda Familia

Barcelona – Magic on the Med 1

Barcelona is the second largest city in Spain; it’s also the capital city of Catalonia. Barcelona is located on the northern coast on the Mediterranean coastline and just south of the Pyrenees Mountains. Barcelona offers much to the keen traveler including Wine, food, festivals and an in depth history of the surrounding areas. Getting there […]