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Sharing a Ski Chalet with another Family – Helpful Tips for a Great Holiday


Of all the accommodation options available at ski resorts, chalet accommodation is hands down the best, depending, of course, on the chalet in question. Another situation you might be in is, having to share it with another family. For families holidaying in late-December and over Christmas and the New Year, accommodation prices are at their most expensive; and consequently, not the time of year that most families can afford to hire a chalet solely for themselves.


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As a result, many families share chalets with other families and try their best to get along. And when they find themselves paired with a family with whom they get along with splendidly works out well, perhaps arranging to share a chalet again in the future is possible. To ensure you will avoid having to share with another family you might not see eye to eye with and not maximise your stay, here are a few tips to keep in mind:


Share with friends

If at all possible, try to time your holidays with friends so you can holiday together and share a chalet. Sure, this isn’t always feasible, but it’s surprising just how often people find out that they took a holiday at the same time of the year as friends and could have headed to the same destination and shared a chalet together.


Know of anyone who takes their family on skiing holidays annually? Why not give them a call? You might not be going at the same time or have plans to go to the same destination but what’s the price of a phone call these days?


Even if it doesn’t work out, at least you can have a chat and trade tips – don’t overlook the benefits of capitalising upon someone else’s experiences!


Make sure the chalet you book is child-friendly

Child-friendly is a rather broad term, an umbrella term if you like, and one that encompasses quite a lot of things. With regard to ski chalets, this frequently touted term includes the layout of the chalet, the other guests and so much more, and it’s naturally advisable to ensure your kids, yourself and the other guests, are all going to be comfortable and get along splendidly over the course of your stay.


Even if you weren’t sharing the chalet with other guests, you should ensure that the chalet has a separate television room, somewhere for the kids to watch television away from the adults, though there’s always a chance they’ll have to fight over the remote control with some sports-mad skier who can’t stand to miss a single game his team plays.


Whilst you might be sharing the chalet with another family, there’s always a chance that you’ll be sharing with singles and couples also, so ensure the chalet you book is child-friendly in that the other guests know that they’ll be sharing with a family. This is because some people, quite rightly, don’t want to share with kids when on holiday and even more importantly, you might not feel comfortable sharing a chalet with anyone else but another family.


Specify that you want to share with another family

On some accommodation providers’ websites, an ‘F’ may be used to indicate that families are welcome or an ‘AO’ to indicate that their chalets are ‘adults only’; however, that doesn’t necessarily mean that chalets marked ‘F’ are exclusively for families, so if you’re not comfortable sharing with anyone but a family, enquire prior to booking.


Some accommodation providers are happy to arrange for you to share with another family whilst others won’t accommodate your wishes – this is something you’ll just have to accept and work around.


Ask about bedtimes and other considerations

When sharing with another family, it’s considered good ‘chalet etiquette’ to enquire about bedtimes and similar considerations because you’re going to be living in fairly close quarters for the duration of your respective holidays. Moreover, you naturally want to get along well with the other guests, not to mention get your kids off to bed on time without them kicking up a fuss.


Ensure the resort has childcare facilities available

Leaving the kids unattended in the chalet is obviously a no-no, so enquire as to whether the resort has childcare facilities or whether the accommodation provider you book the chalet through is able to arrange a babysitter for you when required.


Not only does this mean that mum and dad are able to hit the slopes on their own – this is an important consideration when holidaying with young children because they’re obviously not able to tolerate the cold weather as well as their parents, plus they tend to tire easily and can’t spend all day on the slopes – but it also means that there’s a greater chance of other families staying at the resort.

Whilst you might not be staying in the same chalet as them, you will, however, be staying nearby and it’s good to have other families around when on holiday, isn’t it?


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