Editors Blog – German Adventure.

Welcome to the Editors blog for the business travel blog, I’ve added this section to the blog to add my personal experiences and thoughts around the travel industry hopefully I can make topics both thought provoking and entertaining. Travel for me has always been fun, I’ve travelled across Europe mostly for pleasure and taken in some domestic flights for work and was struggling with where to begin, then it came to me 8 years ago I rocked up to work a 8am by the time my working day was supposed to finish I was sat in Dusseldorf waiting for a connecting flight to Frankfurt/Maine. When I look forward to the coming world cup in Brazil I always look back fondly at the events of that day. At the time I was 21 and working for a Packaging firm in Walsall. There had been a lot of talk in the media about flight costs, accommodation availability and security this happened to be the office conversation. My boss at the time seemed to think that the news had said all flights were booked up to Germany and people can’t get flights out, me being me put a little bet down. “I can get a flight to Frankfurt today if I do you can give me a long weekend off”. So off I trotted down the travel agents. Upon arrival the lady behind the desk said “Can I help you sir” my response “I need a flight to Frankfurt leaving today not bothered when it returns”. I think once the shock of my request had subsided the wheels began to move, after a few calls and a conversation with work to get a little more lunch time to finish the plans I was nearly on my way. The travel agent did her job pretty well I had a flight from Birmingham to Frankfurt via Dusseldorf the flight left Birmingham around 4pm it was now nearly half one and I needed to get home pack and grab a quick train to the airport and as you can guess from above I had no hotel and no Euros. I did ask for a room but unfortunately for me all rooms in Frankfurt were booked for that weekend and to be honest in the mad panic excitement and the jubilation I hadn’t thought about how I was going to pay for anything in Germany. To be continued……………….

Learn more about my German adventure from Friday where we continue with the mad pack and dash, extra security checks and the hooligan vetting at the airport. I’d like to thank the management team at Castle packaging for allowing me to experience the above as without their say so the most memorable Journey of my life would not have happened.

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