London Review

London is at the heart of England, the capital city of the United Kingdom. When people journey to the UK it’s the place where everyone wants to be as it has all the history of this fine nation.

Getting to London

Many comparison websites can be used for booking flights to London. I chose to use Momondo as it’s easy and accessible.

I chose 2 countries at random to fly from each going out on Friday the 30th may and returning on Friday 6th June.

The first place I chose was Helsinki in Finland flying with Baltic Airways will cost you for one adult £47 that includes the return ticket also with the tax on this being £98.09, so the total cost is £145.09.

The other place I went for was in the UK flying from Manchester this was with Virgin airways. The price for a ticket there and back is £104.63.

Where to stay?

When searching for somewhere to stay in London there is endless possibilities this is why we would recommend the Hotel Club Website.

We have 3 options we recommend:

Gloucester Place – This hotel offers much in the way of convenience as you are close to all of London’s main attractions such as Madame Tussauds, The London Zoo and the Sherlock Holmes museum, this has a 3 star rating. A room is priced at £118 per nights stay.

Millennium Gloucester Hotel – This one is based at the heart of Kensington Town and puts you close to all the historical activities these include National Art Library, Natural History Museum and the science Museum. This hotel has a 4 star rating and a room per night is £204.

The Savoy – The last recommendation is the Savoy it’s 5 star rated and comes with an Edwardian Art Deco Style. You are also near to many of the top attractions such as Buckingham Palace, Big Ben and the Tower of London. The price per night is £478.

Places to see

There are many things to be seen in London but here are the top ones not out miss out on:

The British Museum – This collection spans over two million years of Human History. World famous items can be viewed such as the Rosetta Stone and Egyptian Mummies. More can be understood about the collection via events and special exhibitions offered.

Museum of Natural History – Very popular with tourists it’s like being in a stand still Night at the Museum Movie. You can visit the popular dinosaur’s gallery, mammals and the central hall.

London Eye – This attraction needs a good hot summer’s day, you get to see London’s Skyline. Some of the best views from around London can be seen as you go around on the eye, 55 landmarks to be viewed.

The Tower of London – This place has a reputation for death and torture however you will discover a wide history of the Royal Palace. There is also information about animals that have inhabited the tower.

Also go and see the priceless crown jewels, storm the battlements and have a go with the legendary sword or armour.

Now we have guided you on where to stay, the top attractions and how to get to the very famous city of London, I am sure you have all the information to enjoy a wonderful trip.

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