Post 365

Birmingham Airport has announced the opening of a Royal Mail post office within the landside spar store. The Post office will operate 365 days a year 24 hours a day apart from Christmas day when the store will open from 8AM to 5PM, With over 33’000 passengers using the terminal each day the post office will give them the opportunity to return online purchase pay bills along with cash withdrawal’s as well as sending the odd postcard.

Richard Gill, Birmingham Airport’s Head of Commercial, said, “With more than nine million people a year travelling through Birmingham Airport and six thousand people working on site we want to provide a range of services that benefit all users of the airport. We are therefore delighted to welcome this post office to the airport and the many helpful services it gives.”


Adrian Wales, Post Office Regional Manager said: “Birmingham Airport is a bustling self-contained community so the new Post Office will complete the village atmosphere; operating round-the-clock the branch will be open whenever customers need it.


He added: “Birmingham Airport Post Office is one of only two 24 hours branches in the UK – so far – and is one of over 1600 branches open on a Sunday.  We have now modernised 3000 Post Office branches and this is one of many in unexpected locations or with unique characteristics.   We recently opened a fulltime Post Office in a church in West Hampstead, and while the majority of Post Offices are in convenience stores we also have branches in pubs, barber shops and hairdressers, garden centres, toyshops and pet shops.  There is even one in a taxidermist.”


Nigel Bostock, Area Manager of Blakemore Retail said: “As an airport retailer we’re delighted to be able to provide Post Office services in our convenience store which offers a comprehensive range suitable for the modern traveller. This includes fresh foods and Food-To-Go items, daily essential grocery lines specifically chosen with passengers in mind, off license and much more.”